BMW Navigation DVD Road Map Europe HIGH 2012 SL POISoN +
Speedcam 2012 Christmas Edition | 4.36 GB

Type of handouts: BMW DVD Road Map Europe HIGH Navigation Maps for 2012 MK4.
Manufacturer: NAVTEQ
The name of a / m : Cars BMW
Year of Manufacture : 2001-2005
Developer : NAVTEQ +
Platform : Navigation System MK4 (HIGH)
Format : ISO

System requirements : BMW Cars
3 Series – E46
5 Series – E39
7 Series – E38, e65e66
X series – E53, e83
Of the original disk image BMW DVD Road Map Europe HIGH 2012 removed all languages other than English to be able to burn an image on an ordinary single-layer DVD media with a capacity of 4.7 GB. This allows you to:

Description :
1) Fully use the card, if the firmware MK4 below v.31 (dual-layer discs MK4 can not read, if the firmware below v.31);
2) Simply burn the image, if there is no readily available high-quality dual layer DVD, or your drive does not support dual-layer write DVD;
3) Use the card when, for whatever reasons, MK4 “does not want” to read dual-layer media, or reading errors (it happens);
4) Improve the speed card reader drive (dvuhsloyki read at a slower rate).

The list on the disc POI :

In addition :
This disc is made of numerous requests from users who wish to receive the voice announcement of the stationary cameras and traffic police all sorts of ambushes, but who drive MK4 Navi can not read dual layer discs.
Also added DPS, ambush traffic police, traffic police cameras, banks, gas stations, car washes and POI.
POI used with sites 4pda, Navitel, mapcam, rd-forum, etc.
In the FULL DPS INFO – displays items SPEEDCAM, TRAFFIC LIGHT CAMERA, LiGHT PHOTO ENFORCED, MOBILE CAMERA and another new item SPEEDCAM POST …, all this appears as an icon of one species “FURASHKA with a wand.”
The relevance of cameras and ambushes – December 28, 2011. !
This map will be trouble-free run on any MK4, constantly giving information about the stationary cameras and traffic police radar, and if you want you can include yourself in addition to the review of one of the many items – mobile camera traffic police, possible ambush, banks, gas stations, etc. ..
But for the normal functioning of cards (voice messaging), you need to flash your Navi unit of MK-4 of the firmware -
Flash navigation block BMW MK4 V32 RUS POISoN
In this case, you get 3 options on fixed voice messaging cameras simultaneously with on-screen other POI.i as a bonus – the display mode map “Day” – “Night” on the monitor.

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