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When it comes to password-protecting the members-only areas of your website, .htaccess files are the way to go. Unfortunately, they’re also really complicated. Website Access Manager gives you all the power of .htaccess files with none of the confusion. Its workspace is easy to use, setting up members-only areas is fast, and you can protect as many pages as you want.But password protection isn't all this bad boy can do. It works double-duty, giving you the tools to redirect users to different areas of your website — including custom error pages — and block spammers and bad bots.

Secure Password Protection for Your Members-Only Areas
There are a ton of reasons to create members-only areas of your Website.
It puts you in control — control over who sees your family photos, who gets to see the special products and discounts in your online store, and the list goes on and on.

When you password protect your Website with Website Access Manager, you’ve got some serious muscle on your side.
Want your visitors to have to sign in to see your whole Website, from the front page all the way down?
We’ve got you covered.
Same goes for specific areas of your site, or even individual Webpages and files like images or .mp3s.
Website Access Manager is a full-featured .htaccess generator - a high-tech solution that protects your Website and keeps unwanted visitors out.

As Many Users as You Need
With Website Access Manager, you can have an unlimited number of users.
If you’re password protecting a family photo album, you can create user profiles for everyone in your family.
If you want people to sign in to access your demo .mp3s, you can create enough usernames and passwords for your friends, your manager, and your throngs of adoring fans.

Better yet, user profiles can contain as much or as little information as you need.
There are the basics — a username and password — plus detailed information, like a phone number, Website, e-mail address, time zone, preferred language, and pretty much anything else you might need to know.
This information is stored securely on your computer and makes keeping track of your user base a whole lot easier.

Bye, Ugly Error Pages
We’ve all seen more than our fair share of ugly error pages.
You know the kind — plain text with a pixelated graphic or two that says nothing about how the user got there and doesn’t give them a way out.
Does it keep you up at night knowing your users might see a page like that while visiting your Website?
Well, you can rest easy knowing that Website Access Manager lets you redirect 404 errors and other bad requests to a custom error page you’ve designed in a program like Visual Site Designer or the HTML Editor.
Complete control over all aspects of your Website — not too shabby.

Keep in Touch
Website Access Manager comes with a nifty function that lets you send e-mail to your users right from inside the program.
It also comes with predefined e-mail templates that make it easy to send out e-mails with lost logins, expired account warnings, and new passwords.

Block Users by IP Address or Domain
Spammers and bad bots flooding your Website? No worries — Website Access Manager lets you block users by IP address or domain name.
This protection is airtight, meaning spammers and hackers will be out of your hair.

Intuitive Interface
The Website Access Manager workspace is intuitive and easy to understand, which means you can enable password protection quickly and easily.
But behind the scenes, this powerful .htaccess generator is working hard to protect your Website.

Import Existing Information
If you’re already working with CoffeeCup Password Wizard or a .csv file, Website Access Manager can import your existing user profiles.
This time-saving option makes it easy for you to password protect your Website quickly and with no muss or fuss.

Built-in Compatibility Check
Website Access Manager is powered by .htaccess files, which work only with Apache and Apache-compatible servers. Not sure what kind of server you have?
The program comes with a handy tool that checks your server to make sure it's compatible.

Back up Your Work
You never know when you might need a backup of your work — especially something as important as your user profiles and password protection settings.
With the built-in backup tool, you’ll be able to keep your work safe with a click of your mouse.

* The built-in Scheduler automatically uploads your changes for you.
* Before you even get started, the compatibility checker will make sure the software works with your server.
* With the Prevent Directory Listing option, you can keep users from seeing the contents of your directory over HTTP.
* Set expiration dates for user profiles. This is a great option if you only want to grant a user access for a specific time period.
* If you want your server time stamps to reflect your time, regardless of the location of your server, you can make it happen with the Time Zone tool.

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