LimeWire Pirate Edition | SIZE : 20MB

* Based on LimeWire 5.6 beta
* All the features of LimeWire PRO:
o Turbo-charged downloads
o Optimized search results
o AVG Anti-Virus
* Built-in torrent search
* No toolbars, adware or spyware
* No connection problems

MD5 of installer: 7a96f2da87a7cfc6f10ab6a325ec0e48

Limewire Pirate Edition (LPE)
LimeWire Resurrected By Secret Dev TeamLast month, the Gnutella-based file-sharing client
LimeWire was effectively outlawed after a U.S. federal judge granted a request from the RIAA to
shut the software down. Now, not even a month later, LimeWire is back as good as new. Not only
has a secret dev team reanimated the hugely popular client, but they have also made a few
significant changes which make it better and more streamlined than before.

Download here

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