Easy DriverPacks v5.22 Final (x86/x64) | 1.27 GB

Easy Driverpacks the program automatically scan all drivers always change rapidly, especially since the original 5.2.0 or later for Windows 7 x32 x64 and Windows XP are all together. Easy to launch a far Driverpacks latest changes are as follows:

eDriver v5.22 XP 32 bit :

1, Solution-oriented path does not exist error when DPINST.EXE problem;
2, Try to reduce the pop-up box WIN7 probabilistic certification of drivers;
3, Further enhanced the ability to match the ID;
4, Modify individual program logic error.

eDriver v5.22 32/64 bit WIN7 :

1, Solution-oriented path does not exist error when DPINST.EXE problem;
2, Try to reduce the pop-up box WIN7 probabilistic driving certificate;
3, To further enhance the ability to match the ID;
4, Individuals modify program logic error.

Download in here : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,
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Author : Prince NRVL
Architecture : x64 [ 64 Bit ]
Version : 7600 RTM_2010
Tweaks : Tweaked for performance and graphics
Applications : Added WPI [ 32 Apps ]
Testing : Tested on iNtel [ i5 and i7 servers and home PC ]
AMD [ X2,X4 ]
MAC Lappy
Tested : More than 30 times

Whats’ new?

- New startup ORB
- New themes [ Multiple ]
- New Sound Schemes
- New and best softwares
- Edited ****l and more
- Best appearence
- Freaking fast
- Freaking appearence like MAC OSX


- All Lang packs
- Sample Vids and music
- Sample Pictures
- Screen Savers
- Fax
- Windows System Restore
- Indexing Service
- Windows Gadgets

Control Panel

- Registry
- Group Policy
- User Directory
- Recycle Bin
- Network
- User Account 2
- Windows switcher
- Internet Explorer
- Libraries

Desktop Tweaks

- Show Hidden Wallpapers and Themes
- Application TimeOut – 3000
- Show Windows Live
- Font Smoothing
- Lowlevel Hooks TimeOut – 3000
- Welcome Center
- Menu Show Delay – 8
- Wait to Kill Application TimeOut – 3000

Explorer Context

- Add Device Manager
- Add Group Policy
- Add MS-Config
- Add Services
- God Mode
- Registry Editor
- Administrative Tools
- Apperance
- Change Theme
- Change Wallpaper
- Desktop Icon Settings
- God Mode
- Task Manager
- Windows Colorization
- Copy To
- Move To
- Grant Admin Permission
- Open With Notepad


- Anti spyware
- UAC – Disable
- Windows Firewall – Enable

WPI – 32 New [ Best Appz ]

- 7ZIP 9.66.3
- Aero CMD
- Audio ****l
- Enhance my 7
- Flash Player Active X 10.1
- Flash Player PlugIn 10.1
- HashCheck ****l Extension 2.1.11
- Hidden Files toggler
- jane.v1.62
- Java Runtime U20
- K-Lite_Codec_Pack-64bit_390
- K-Lite_Codec_Pack_640_Mega
- MicroAngelo On Display 6.1
- Notepad++ 5.6.8
- Pidgin 2.7.1
- QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
- Rainmeter 1.2
- RealPlayer SP Gold 1.1.5
- RocketDock
- Safari 5.0
- ShockWave 11.5
- Snow Leopard Winrar 3.93
- UltraIso 9.3.6
- xDark Chrome 5
- xDark Foobar 1.0.3
- xDark Trillian 4.2
- xDark Vlc 1.1.0
- xDark Winamp 5.58
- Snow Panther Firefox 3.6.6
- iTunes 9.2
- Yahoo IM 10.0.1

Download in here
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Windows 7 ULTIMATE HP COMPAQ x86/x64 | 2011 | Pre-Activated | 3.63 GB
DVD ISO | ENGLISH | Product Key Integrated | UPDATABLE!

It will be activated on any HP/COMPAQ PC/laptop with/without slic 2.1 HP.

Download in here
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Just want to say in 2009 we have not seen the final version of Office 2010, the final RTM version will be presented in the first half of 2010, but the RTM build will be available to partners of Microsoft much earlier, possibly in March 2010, but until then will have two beta version. The first beta version of Office 14 Beta 1 out very soon, in the month of July, it should not be confused with the Technical Preview, perhaps contrary to previous information in Microsoft decides to make it public, time will tell. The second beta version of Office 14 Beta 2 will only appear at the end of 2009, the month of November.

System requirements:
- CPU: 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit
- VIDEO: 128 MB
- RAM: 512 GB
- HDD: 3 GB

Download in here
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Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 3 software helps you bring out the best in your photographs, whether you’re perfecting one image, searching for ten, processing hundreds, or organizing thousands. Create incredible images that move your audience. Experiment fearlessly with state-of-the-art nondestructive editing tools. Easily manage all your images. And showcase your work in elegant print layouts, slide shows, and web galleries, as well as on popular photo-sharing sites. All from within one fast, intuitive application.

Superior noise reduction
Achieve amazing, natural-looking results from your high ISO images with all-new state-of-the-art noise reduction technology. You won’t need more than what’s built into Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 3 to get the cleanest images at any ISO.

Accelerated performance
Get your digital photography tasks done fast and have more time to shoot and promote your work. Already quick performance has been dramatically accelerated in Lightroom 3, saving you time from first look to final image.

Support for DSLR video files
Take advantage of new support for video files from most digital SLR cameras, which allows you to easily manage and organize both still photographs and video files side by side.

Image watermarking
Easily embed your identity or your brand and logo in your images with more options for customizing their look. The new watermarking tool lets you apply text or graphic watermarks to a photo with adjustable size, position, and opacity.

Easy image importing
Save time with fast image importing. The newly designed import interface is easy to set up and navigate, with clear visual indications of where your photos will be located and how they’ll be organized after you’ve imported them.

Perspective correction
Get more natural-looking results by applying powerful, nondestructive perspective correction to your images. Reduce or eliminate the distortion that can occur, for example, when you take a photograph with the camera pointed upward, causing buildings to appear to be leaning backward in your image.

More flexible print packages
Showcase your work in more creative formats using highly customizable print layouts, which you can save as reusable templates. With the new custom print layout creation tool, you just drag one image or several shots onto a page and resize or reposition them as you like.

System requirements
* Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or equivalent
* Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3; Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise (32 bit and 64 bit); or Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
* 2GB of RAM
* 1GB of available hard-disk space
* 1,024×768 display
* CD-ROM drive

Download : Part 1, Part 2
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AutoCAD and vertical solutions based on it, designed for the development of technical documentation in strict accordance with the requirements ASAP.
The application is developed in Russia and strictly complies with current Russian standards, as confirmed by the certificate of conformity GOST R
Each graphical object is associated with the designation of GOST ASAP GraphiCS: an array of axes, a callout benchmark, the designation of the section, etc. The intelligence of these objects makes it easy to obtain the necessary graphical and attributive data set.
More than 20 tabular forms and the ability to automatically generate a specification sheet to help accurately generate the documentation.
The base contains the standard elements of more than 3,000 parametric building objects such as beams, columns, beams, floor slabs, foundation blocks, metal, fasteners, etc. The base is open for editing and updating – to perform these operations at ASAP GraphiCS implement a special mechanism.
Jobs at ASAP GraphiCS intuitive – so that the time for development of the program is almost not needed. The designer can focus on solving engineering problems, not thinking about the control design results in electronic form. Automatic normative control parameters of the objects provide a uniform standard of documentation throughout the organization.

Download : Part 1, Part 2
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Universal swing with file-sharing servers such as: Letitbit, Depositfiles, RapidShare, FileFactory, MegaUpload, MyTempDir, SendSpace, BigUpload, CreaFileCom, DepositFiles,, EasySharing, FilesUpload, GigaPeta, HotFile, HyperUpload, iFolder, Turbobit, TurboShare, TurboUpload , UaFileCom, Upfile, UploadBox, VipFile, UploadComUa and many others. A total of more than 300!
It’s no secret that some of these sites provide only a pump flow, and one file at a time. Plus part still is a pause in the hour / two before a race the next file. Remember that the download, there is – is difficult. And on the clock when you can economize swing and when not to. For those who just want to score a link to leave your computer and make sure that the program will download all the time, and not a minute has passed in vain, and I wrote this program. The program recognizes the part of the security codes, which helps to fully use services including blind people.

Download in here
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The newest version of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 software redefines digital imaging with breakthrough tools for photography editing, superior image selections, realistic painting, and more. And now, use it with creativity-boosting mobile apps.

Download in here :
Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Now you can create logo designs and other graphic illustrations like a pro using Logo Design Studio’s new vector drawing and editable vector graphics software. Vector design means no more size limitations, so you can have razor sharp graphics from business cards to billboards!

New! 2,000+ logo templates: industry-based templates designed by professional graphic artists.

New! 6,000+ full vector graphics: vector graphics are different from regular graphics and images because they don’t have pixels. No pixels means you can blow them up to any size without losing image quality or sharpness.

New! Complete vector design: since your new design is vector based you can use it on a project smaller than a postage stamp, or blow it up to cover the side of a building, something no other logo design software can do!

Download in here :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is an advanced application intended to enable you to design 3D Text, buttons, logos. Features a large number of shapes and text template. There are reflections and texture animation effects, and a variety of quick tools, very easy to use.
Orignal Download Provider –>
You can choose a variety of bevel and alignment, lighting can be adjusted, the shape can be interchangeable, very flexible. Can import the font shapes, and you can import SVG, and converted into three-dimensional shapes.

You can export the png, tiff, jpg, bmp format. 3D design software for many ordinary people may be unfamiliar, whenever we want to promote our image,web page or display text or graphics to add 3D effect, the mind may emerge 3Dmax complex or tedious Photoshop software operation Skills.

Here are some key features of “Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker”:
The template has as many as hundreds of style options, and user-friendly operation, to save you a lot of work time and increase efficiency;
Reflection, reflection, mixing, deformation texture, and other operations, metal, glass, plastic and other texture effects, so that your work will never lose a powerful 3D software;
Hand shape, svg graphics and fonts graphic import, and import pictures and external model, the flexibility to use the software to easily respond to your various design needs.

Editing and special effects textures:
the software specially designed for the advanced operator, making the text and the shape of the move, rotate, zoom, change the size is very convenient, all without using the value of the window, everything seems intuitive, creative.
unlimited undo, making various attempts to become dont worry about.
front and side color, material, texture of shape and text can be adjusted. Software contains dozens of texture library to choose from, coupled with the unique texture reflection, mirror, transparent effects, makes it easy to create metal, glass and other special effects.
texture support zoom, move, rotate, etc. deformation, increase the flexibility of texture. In addition, we can easily create animated textures, the texture was more realistic.
dozens of ways to free choice of bevels, bevel height can be freely adjusted to meet the needs of different shapes.
the software provides three adjustable lighting modes.

Download in here
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VideoStudio Pro X4 – designed for video processing and positioned as a simple solution for home users. Among the latest innovations can provide support for Blu-ray Disc Movie Video (BDMV). Users can import files directly from BDMV Blu-ray-video cameras, to work with HD-video, animated menus and add projects to record discs Blu-ray, including double layer. VideoStudio Pro X4 supports capture, editing, authoring and maintaining video formats HDV, AVCHD, TOD (cameras JVC HD) and BDMV.

Features VideoStudio Pro X4:
• Import from HDV, AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc and JVC HD camcorders
• Save the video as HD MPEG-4 files to the Internet with compression H.264 codec
• Export of HD movies on DVD or Blu-Ray discs with BD-J activation
• Professional templates for HD video from RevoStock
• Music broadcast-quality titles, transitions and effects in real time
• Customizable audio tracks with support for SmartSound sound and Dolby Digital 5.1
• Package Effects NewBlue, including a 3D-movement
• Support for NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Core i7 processors
• Express Edit mode to create videos in minutes
• New redesigned user interface
• Upload videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Flickr
• Record HD video on standard DVD media for viewing on a standard DVD and Blu-Ray players
• Save your videos to iPod, iPhone, PSP and other mobile devices

3 ways of making movies:
• Transfer Wizard from DV to DVD – transfer files directly from camcorder to disc
• Movie Wizard – create beautifully decorated film in minutes, using a high-quality patterns
• Editor VideoStudio – disclosure of creativity with a complete set of tools for video editing

Powerful tools. Creativity without limits:
• Making and recording HD DVD
• Create complex effects “picture in picture” and visual effects, up to 6 lanes with the imposition of
• Create tracks with surround sound Dolby ® Digital 5.1 and work with video formats High definition (HD)
• Creating a video for the standard and wide screen 16:9, as well as CDs with slide shows
• Decoration of home movies with hundreds of customizable effects, filters and transitions

Output in any format for any device:
• Output video format H.246, MPEG-4, or on mobile devices such as iPod ®, iPhone ®, PSP ®, Zune ™, PDA, smartphone and Nokia ® videophones
• Easy publishing video blog on YouTube ™ or any other video sites
• Burn DVD-ROM drive, create videopodarkov, manufacturing and marketing presentations, archive film collection
• Create video albums on the Internet to show friends and family.

Download in here
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Tweak-7 – tweaker to fine-tuning, optimization, tuning the operating system, Windows 7, as well as some of its interface elements, due to changes in certain parameters (such as hidden and inaccessible to the user, which are deep in the registry and not only ). Tweak-7 is a brand new development of the company «TotalIdea Software» and a “younger brother” of his predecessors, «Tweak-XP Pro» Windows XP and «TweakVI» for Windows Vista, which inherited all of their opportunities, and acquired a new, can thoroughly customize the interface elements of the new Windows 7 operating system or to optimize its work to speed up and handle the important critical system options.

From intelligent systems and tools embedded in the tweaker, you can select, such as automatic optimizer for hardware and software, disk defragmenter, registry cleaner and hard disk, a tool for viewing detailed data about your hardware configuration and your hardware, modules, updates or konroliruyuschie control all the restore points and several others.

Tweak-7 was designed as its predecessors in order to discover and combine the many secrets of Microsoft Windows and functions in one program, which completely relieve users from the routine manual work and a long search, the necessary keys and values ??in the registry Windows, climbing on their “shoulders “all the trouble of setting up the parameters for many of them, including tips, which provide a brief description. All utilities tweaks “incarcerated” only under Windows 7, and will not work in Windows XP or Windows Vista.

The main functions of Tweak-7 :

- Setting up of undocumented features of Windows 7 that you can not change the standard means.
- Manual and automatic optimization of the operating system.
- Clean and defrag the registry.
- Cleaning up your hard drive.
- Customize the appearance of windows and other elements of the operating system interface.
- Setting limits and access rights to one or another software installed on the computer.
- Setting up and optimizing your Internet connection, local network in Internet Explorer.
- Active control of the restore points. Deleting old restore points OS.
- Optimization of the processor. Customizing the many models of processors from different manufacturers.
- Providing detailed information about the system.
- Optimization of memory.
- Control modules are operating system updates. Deleting backups of installed updates.
- You can create a virtual RAM RAM-disk size of up to 256 megabytes for quick access. This feature only works on 32-bit Windows 7.

Comparing Tweak-7 with other optimization and tweak tools is simply impossible since no competitive product covers such a huge functionality: from simple system tweaking to complex and fast registry cleaning and registry defragmentation and comprehensive system cleanup.

Tweak-7 featurelist

- Hundreds of tweaks
  Tweak-7 includes hundreds of tweaks to optimize and customize Windows 7 to your very personal needs.
- Cleanup your system
   Scan your system for unneeded files, old system update backups, and a lot more to set free hundreds of GB on your hard disk.
- Cleanup your registry
  The included registry cleaner automatically scans your system registry for dead data and errors.
- Defragment your registry
  Cleanup and defrag your system registry for fastest and optimized system performance
- Easy and secure tweaking
  Just a few mouse clicks are required in order to activate performance tweaks. No geek knowledge required!
- Transfer your tweaks
 Create tweak snapshots and use them to transfer tweaks and customizations to other machines running Windows 7 and Tweak-7.
- Auto-optimize Windows 7
  Tweak-7 includes an auto optimizer which optimizes Windows 7 with the most common speed improvement tweaks.
- Detailed system information
  Tweak-7 includes a system information feature displaying 3D system and performance information
- Access lost Microsoft Product keys
  Lost any of your Microsoft Windows, or Microsoft Office CD keys? Tweak-7 will get them back.
- View Hard Disk statistics
  Tweak-7 provides detailed hard disk statistics on all your installed drives.
- Disallow access to certain drives
  With the included features you can restrict access to drives and folders.
- CPU tweaks included
  Tweak-7 automatically tweaks Windows 7 to work perfectly with your specific CPU.
- CD / DVD drive tweaks
  Optimizes the cache of your CD / DVD drives.
- Memory Optimizer included
  Optimize your physical memory (RAM) for better performance if you run low on RAM.
- RAM Disk Drive
  Create a RAM Disk Drive of up to 256 MB for fastest access to files (available on 32bit systems only).
- Virtual drives
  Easily turn any folder on your hard drive into a disk drive!
- Control Windows Error Reporting and much more
  Along with heaps of miscellaneous system tweaks you and control the Windows Error Reporting, time sync settings, OEM information …
- Change system folder settings
  Easily change the location of system and user folders.
- Control panel tweaks
  Restrict access to control panel items, hide control panel features, and much more.
- Control auto starts
  Control what is started automatically with your system – disable and remove autostarts.
- Auto logon and auto shutdown
  Enable auto login and auto shutdown features for Windows 7.
- Application tweaks
  Heaps of tweaks and customizations for Windows Applications.
- Application restrictions
  Get more control over the features of Windows 7 with the includes application restrictions.
- Start menu tweaks
  Heaps of tweaks to customize the look and feel of your Windows 7 start menu: hide items, show items.
- Task bar tweaks
  Get control over your Windows 7 task bar and tweak it the way you want it.
- Desktop tweaks
  Change the desktop style, enable heaps of desktop related tweaks, manage DWM settings.
- Customize the desktop context menu
  Include your favorite applications to the desktop context menu for fastest access
- Shortcut overlay icons
  Remove the annoying desktop shortcut overlay icons or set up your own.
- Outlook and Windows mail tweaks
  Control Outlook attachment settings and tweak Microsoft Outlook
- Internet Explorer tweaks and restrictions
  Tweak IE to the max and restrict access to it.
- Windows Utilities
  Get quick access to the most useful Windows utilities 7

Download in here
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Update KAV and KIS Key 17 December 2011 in here :
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ZAC Browser

ZAC is the first web browser developed specifically for children with autism, and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and PDD-NOS.

Download in here
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Avant Browser is an ultra-fast web browser. Its user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience, and frequent upgrades have steadily improved its reliability.

No ADs, No Malwares!
Avant Browser is a freeware. 100% Free! No Ads, No Virus, No Spyware, No Malwares! Absolutly with no hidden cost to you ever.

Compatible with IE9
Avant Browser 2011 is fully compatible with IE9, which is so far the fastest browser engine on Windows platform.

Multi-Processing design offers you a crash-free internet browsing experience and high reliability. When one tab fails, it won't freeze the browser or pull other pages down.

Lowest Memory Usage Web Browser
Avant Browser is the lowest memory usage web browser on Windows platform. Memory usage is one of the most important factors to measure a browser's performance. We strived to avoid all possible memory leaks in Avant Browser and give you the best

Download Video Files
Avant Browser can detect the videos in the web page you are browsing, and let you download them with just one click.

Built-in Download Accelerator
Downloading files from Internet is faster and manage files you downloaded is easier with Avant Browser's built-in multi-threaded downloader.

Split View Mode
Browse the Internet and watch Web videos at the same time with Avant Browser. Avant Browser allows you split the browsing area into two parts, so you can browse internet more efficiently.

Detached Always on Top Browser Window
Detached browser window can be set on top of all other Windows applications, you can drag the tab button out of the tab bar to detach a browser window. This allows you to watch YouTube or chat with friends while you are working on other applications, like Word, AutoCAD etc.

Aero Glass UI
Avant Browser 2011 comes with a new skin theme called Aero Glass, which totally supports Windows 7's Aero Glass effects.

Private Browsing
Designed to set in a Private Mode, Avant Browser does not keep web data in your computer. So anybody else sharing the same computer with you will not be able to see which sites and which pages you have visited and which files you have displayed during your private web browsing section.

The increasing usage of Ajax Technology in websites causes frequent freezing or crashes for most browsers. Avant Browser has developed a new technology to solve this problem, makes your surfing more fluent.

Fast, Low CPU usage
New dynamic multi-processing technology can effectively boost the browsing speed, save memory and reduce CPU usage significantly. Bring you fresh new experience.

No Memory Leak
As Ajax techniques become more popular, memory leak problem extensively exists in most browsers. Avant Browser new technology will release all occupied memory after a tab is closed.

Web Form Auto-Filler
Forgot a web password? It won’t happen anymore, Avant Browser will memorize passwords for you. You can fill web forms with Auto-Filler by a single click. And you can protect all your web forms with one master password.

Online Bookmarks
Access your Bookmarks with Avant Online Bookmarks Service from anywhere, office, home or an Internet cafe, and don't need to worry about losing those data when re-install windows.. The encrypted stand-alone bookmarks file format can protect your privacy on a shared computer.

Mouse Gestures
Got a big screen and tired of accurate clicks? With Mouse Gesture feature, you can control Avant Browser by “drawing” the command on the screen.

AD/Popup Blocker
AD/Popup Blocker can efficiently clean up the web pages by blocking Popup pages and filter Ad Content. You can block any annoy content by adding to the filter with the "Add to AD Black list" command in the Right-click Menu.

Real Full Screen Mode and Alternative Full Desktop Mode
When you enable Full Screen Mode, all you see is the webspace, with no toolbars or other clutter. They are simply autohidden! Move your mouse over the top or bottom and find the toolbar and tab bar respectively. Avant Browser also provides Full Desktop Mode, which is the same as Full screen mode, but differs in that your windows task bar stays visible.

Flash Animation Filter
Experiencing slow page loading with GPRS/3G connection? More than 85% of all flash animations on web pages are advertising. These flash files are pretty large, and normally take up to 90% of the size of the page you're visiting. With Avant Browser you can save the bandwidth by blocking the download of these flash files with just one easy click. Avant Browser also provides many options to block downloads of pictures, videos, sounds and ActiveX components. With these options users can control their bandwidth and speed up page loading.

RSS Reader
With Avant Browser, you can easily switch RSS view in Outlook headline mode or full-expended mode. You can also choose to be informed whenever there is an update to the RSS.

Multi-Document Interface
Wonder how to browse multiple web sites on your giant monitor? Avant’s unique MDI Interface makes this a dream come true!

Download in here
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Crazy Browser is a powerful Web browser. It provides many features that make surfing the web more comfortable and less confusing. It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task.

Download in here
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Update KAV and KIS Key 16 December 2011 in here :
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In concept, Twisted Metal 4 is a demolition derby which permits the usage of ballistic projectiles. Players choose a vehicle and an arena—or a series of arenas in the story mode—to engage in battle with opposing drivers. A variety of weapons are obtainable by pick-ups scattered throughout the stage. The objective of the game is to be the last one standing.

The game's plot takes a different turn of events compared to its predecessors. Its intro video details the tournament's story, starting around the 1900s as a circus-type caravan that traveled across the country spreading destruction everywhere. A young Sweet Tooth finds himself amazed by the contest and runs off in its pursuit, entering and eventually winning. As his wish, he desires to become the star of Twisted Metal, which Calypso gladly grants. At first revered by the chaos he created, as time went on Sweet Tooth became jealous of Calypso, until he decides to initiate a coup d'├ętat helped by a group of midget clowns, and takes control of Twisted Metal.

It is also discovered that Calypso's source of powers comes from a mysterious ring that consumes the souls of those who die, increasing his strength and youth, and Sweet Tooth having taken it, finds that he possess the same abilities as Calypso to grant wishes. He tends to cheat people with their wishes like Calypso does as well.
Credit by : Wikipedia

Download in here
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Presented in a third-person view similar to Hang-On, the player competes in illegal road races and must finish in the top 3 places in every race in order to proceed to the next level. As levels progress, the opponents ride faster, fight harder and the tracks are longer and more dangerous. Placing in each race gives a certain amount of money which increases considerably as levels progress. This money allows the player to buy faster bikes which are needed to stay competitive. The game is over if the player can't pay for the repairs when their motorcycle is wrecked, or can't pay the fine for being arrested.
Credit by : Wikipedia

Download in here
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Crash Team Racing is a racing video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation. The game was released in North America on September 30, 1999 and in Europe and Australia later the same year. It was re-released for the Sony Greatest Hits line-up in 2000 and for the Platinum Range on January 12, 2001. It was later added to the European PlayStation Store on October 18, 2007, then on the Japanese store on June 11, 2008 and then finally to the North American store on August 10, 2010.

Crash Team Racing is the fourth installment in the Crash Bandicoot series. It is the first Crash Bandicoot game in the racing genre and the last Crash Bandicoot game to be developed by Naughty Dog. The game's story focuses on the efforts of a ragtag team of characters in the Crash Bandicoot series, who must race against the egomaniacal Nitros Oxide to save their planet from destruction. In the game, players can take control of one of fifteen Crash Bandicoot series characters, though only eight are available at first. During the races, offensive and speed boosting power ups can be used to gain an advantage.
Credit by : Wikipedia

Download in here
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Update KAV and KIS Key 15 December 2011 in here :
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Update KAV and KIS Key 14 December 2011 in here :
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LeechGet was designed as a fast, comfortable and also powerful download manager, providing all capabilities you need to download files from the Internet quicker and simpler than ever. Unlike other Download Managers, LeechGet is and will always be Freeware (not Ad-Ware), it can be used free of charge without displaying ads.

Download in here
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Extreme Copy

ExtremeCopy is a Windows copy file tool which copy file and move extremely fast and operation is simple the same as Windows Explorer default file copier,it can increase speed 20% ~ 120% faster than Windows's default file copier for copy file. ExtremeCopy can integrate into Windows seamlessly as copy tool, learn more features, please go here to learn more features .

Download in here
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FreeUndelete restores deleted files, including those removed from Windows Recycle Bin. In case of accidental removal of files on a NTFS (1.0 and 2.0) (default for Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and NT), FAT32, FAT16 or FAT12 file systems this is the utility to help.

Supported file systems:
NTFS 1.0, NTFS 2.0, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32

The recovered files are saved into a new user-selected location to prevent overwriting the deleted files on the original media.

Free For Personal Use!

It is our pleasure to emphasize that FreeUndelete is free for personal use. There is no charge, direct or hidden, to download and use a fully functional copy of the program. The program does not install any spyware or adware along with it. It does not populate user's desktop with pop-up ads or forcefully subscribe user to mailing lists.

Please note that purchase is mandatory for use in business environment. Registered business users get guaranteed customer support service. For private users customer support is not guaranteed and depends on support staff workload.

Download in here
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FreeMeter is a great and free utility that allows you to monitor the performance of your computer. It’s great if you are a techie that wants to see how your newly built PC stacks up to some stress or if you are just curious at how your computer runs when you have all those windows and programs open. You may even like it for the pretty graphics that keep going by. Either way, FreeMeter is worth checking out.

It monitors your CPU and hard drive with scrolling graphs. It even color codes some of the bars as you increase the stress put on your computer. In addition to the CPU stats, FreeMeter lists your hard drive stats. There are also two dynamic tables that continually update your physical memory information and your page file information.

If you don’t want to just stare at the this window all day long, you can close the window and still have some nice bar charts on your system tray.

Download in here
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Design full-featured, 32-bit Windows Software Setup solutions
(including Uninstall functionality) in seconds!

INF-Tool offers 6 setup methods which are based on Windows' INF technology. Thus, due to their 100% Windows integration and their incredibly small overhead of only a few KB's (!), INF-Tool will make any other bulky (and expensive) installation software obsolete for you!
easy interface The extremely easy interface of INF-Tool's "single EXE" setup packages will make your installations and updates bullet-proof, even for novice users.

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XmlPad 3

XMLPad 3 new features:
-- XML Schema full support.
-- New and improved look & feel.
-- Project system with CVS support.
-- XML Schema editor with color syntax highlighting, line numbers, element range navigation, and context-dependent source assistant wizard.
-- Preview and printing XML Schema in graphical diagram window. The diagram is synchronized with XML Schema editor.
-- XML Schema documentation generation (ws3p.xsl) with diagram images.
-- XML Schema validation and XML files validation against the underlying XML Schemas.
-- Very big schemas (such as uccnet or xCBL35) use XML Schema binary cache in their implementation that mitigated
performance issues in validation and analysis. Every schema used in validation is compiled in binary format
on first use and later could be loaded from cache.
-- Generation of XML samples from XML schema or a sample of XML Schema from XML file. Converting XSD to DTD and DTD to XSD.
-- Schema component renaming (refactoring), navigation between schema components (Goto definition/Goto reference)
and navigation from XML data to appropriate schema component.
-- Regular expression builder and enumeration builder.
-- Schema-aware XSLT editor and debugger with Active script support.
-- Support for JAXB and Castor binding.
-- HTML & DBF import.

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Update KAV and KIS Key 13 December 2011 in here :
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Update KAV and KIS Key 12 December 2011 in here :
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