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File Splitter

File Splitter is a freeware program which does not require installation and can be used to split files to multiple chunks as well as to merge multiple chunks into a single file.

Download here
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HotSpot Shield 8 US Servers

Protects your entire web surfing session; securing your connection at both your home Internet network & Public Internet networks (both wired and wireless). Hotspot Shield protects your identity by ensuring that all web transactions (shopping, filling out forms, downloads) are secured through HTTPS. Hotspot Shield also makes you private online making your identity invisible to third party websites and ISP’s. Unless you choose to sign into a certain site, you will be anonymous for your entire web session with Hotspot Shield. We love the web because of the freedom that it creates to explore, organize, and communicate. Hotspot Shield enables access to all information online, providing freedom to access all web content freely and securely. Secure your entire web session and ensure your privacy online; your passwords, credit card numbers, and all of your data is secured with Hotspot Shield. Standard antivirus software protects your computer, but not your web activities.

That's why AnchorFree is pleased to offer Hotspot Shield. Our application keeps your Internet connection secure, private, and anonymous.

Download here
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TestDisk Data Recovery for USB and Hard Drives

TestDisk is a powerful free data recovery software! It was primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again when these symptoms are caused by faulty software, certain types of viruses or human error (such as accidentally deleting a Partition Table). Partition table recovery using TestDisk is really easy.

TestDisk can

* Fix partition table, recover deleted partition
* Recover FAT32 boot sector from its backup
* Rebuild FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 boot sector
* Fix FAT tables
* Rebuild NTFS boot sector
* Recover NTFS boot sector from its backup
* Fix MFT using MFT mirror
* Locate ext2/ext3 Backup SuperBlock
* Undelete files from FAT, NTFS and ext2 filesystem
* Copy files from deleted FAT, NTFS and ext2/ext3 partitions.

TestDisk has features for both novices and experts. For those who know little or nothing about data recovery techniques, TestDisk can be used to collect detailed information about a non-booting drive which can then be sent to a tech for further analysis. Those more familiar with such procedures should find TestDisk a handy tool in performing onsite recovery.

Download here
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ALL Windows and Office Activator


-Windows Activation AIO 2010-

These are the best of the best activators around right now and these are all clean and tested by me.

Do not take a chance getting these elsewhere since many contain trojans when downloaded from untrusted sources.

To use my app, just double click then choose "Install"

The AIO App should auto-run. It will extract to C:Windows Activation AIO 2010

If you wish to run the app again later, just repeat the above and choose "yes to all" when WinRAR prompts to overwrite files. It will start up automatically.

You can just delete the folder if you no longer need it.

About the activators:

Windows 7 Loader v1.8.3 (DAZ):

This is one of the best all around activatorsloaders. Very easy to use and works 99% of the time. My first pick.

Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition v3.503:

This one is also an excellent choice and works with many versions of Win 7, Vista and even Server 2008.
It is a bit more complicated, but try it if the DAZ loader fails.

RemoveWAT 2.25:

I have limited experience with this, but it does work and some swear by it. It removes Windows Activation, but gives you the option
to restore.

Chew WGA 9:

This I have used extensively and it works with ANY version of Windows 7 100% of the time. The problem is that Micro$oft
has released an update (KB971033) that detects and blacklists you if you install it. As long as you avoid the update, it will work.

mini-KMS Activator:

This works great to activate Office 2010 products. I never really tried it other than that.

Download here
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It is the key generator for anti-virus Eset Nod32 and Eset Smart Security.Generates working keys for anti-virus, with which you can always update your antivirus.100% working

This is a Eset-Nod32 Keygen I created with valid keys I have found myself..

How To Use:
2.Open + Hit Generate
3.Copy Name+Serial
4.Paste to Eset-Nod 32

Download here
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Update KAV and KIS Key 11 February 2012 in here :
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Update KAV and KIS Key 10 February 2012 in here :
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Update KAV and KIS Key 09 February 2012 in here :
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Hack Pack 2012 | 1.02 GB

With this selection you can regain access to the system, retrieve a forgotten password to a file Mesager, website, email ... Check the strength of the local network, a network of Wi-Fi, to learn something new for themselves in terms of network design, software, etc. A selection of useful both network administrators and ordinary users.

Google Hacking
SolarWinds Engineer Toolset Administrator Guide
SQL Injection. Breaking ASP + MSSQL
Administration and Security Linux
Addresses on the Internet
Linux security
Hacking Software
Types of Hackers
Virtual Wifi in Windows 7
BIOS beep codes
Information Security
Local Area Networks
Organizing Wireless Networks
Tricks Hack
Guide to Hackers
Network Administration
List of ports and Description
Technique Hack - Sockets, Exploits, Shell-code
Technique of Network Attacks
Information Security Technology

Default Password List
Peek Drivers

Recovery Tools
Advanced Archive Password Recovery Professional v4.53
Advanced EFS Data Recovery v4.0
Advanced IM Password Pecovery v4.10.297
Advanced Office Password Recovery Pro v5.04.547
Advanced PDF Password Recovery v5.04
Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery v2.90.215
Elcomsoft System Recovery Pro v3.0.466
Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor v4.0.211
Internet Password Breaker v2.0.306
Lightning Hash Cracker v0.60
Password Recovery Bundle 2011 v1.80
Password Recovery Kit Enterprise v9.7.1572
Proactive Password Auditor v2.01
Proactive System Password Recovery v6.3.1.786
RAR Password Recovery v1.53
RAR Password Unlocker v3.3
Registry Tracer v2.11
ZIP Password Recovery v4.0

! NEW Ace Password Sniffer v1.4
Aircrack-NG v1.1
AirPcap v4.1.1
! NEW Angry IP Scanner v3.0
ApacheConf Lite v7.1
! NEW Brutus AET2
CommView for WiFi v5.6.553
CommView for WiFi v6.0.585 VoIP
CommView v6.1.636
Dependency Walker v2.2
Dialupass v3.16
! NEW Engage Packet Builder v2.1.0
ExploitMyUnion v2.1
! NEW Hidden Administrator v4.1
Htpasswd Generator v4.1.1
LanTricks (9 tools)
! NEW MIPKO Employee Monitor v6.0.4.1014
OllyDbg v2.0
PasswordsPro v3.1.1.0
! NEW PHP Shell
Product Key Explorer v2.8.6.0
! NEW Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5
! NEW Proxy Hunter v1.4
PuTTY v0.60
Resource Hacker v3.6
Resource Tuner
Safe3 SQL Injector v8.4
! NEW Shellcode
SMAC v2.7 Pro
SolarWinds Engineer Toolset v9.2
Sysinternals Suite
! NEW The Dude v3.6
TrueCrypt v7.1
! NEW VisualRoute 2010 Pro 14
w3af v1.0
! NEW WinGate v6.5.2.1217
WinHex v16.1 SR-6
WinSCP v4.3.5

LiveCD powerful weapons pro
Microsoft Vision 2019
Arsenal of military Sysadmin
Cracking WPA
We reveal SSL
Hyperactive virtuality
Compact Windows
Mastered with WPA2

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Google Earth 2012 v6.2.0.6905 Beta *Updated 08/02/2012*

Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places, and share with others.

Google Earth's features include:

See global changes with decades of historic imagery

If you've ever wondered how your neighborhood has changed throughout time, Google Earth now gives you access to the past. With a simple click, check out suburban sprawl, melting ice caps, coastal erosion, and more.

Dive beneath the surface of the ocean

In the new ocean layer, you can plunge all the way to the floor of the sea, view exclusive content from partners like BBC and National Geographic, and explore 3D shipwrecks like the Titanic.

Track and share your paths with others

Take placemarks a step further and record a free-form tour in Google Earth. Simply turn on the touring feature, press record, and see the world. You can even add a soundtrack or narration to personalize the journey.

* Enhanced search, including support for:
- Clearer local business and directions search results. These now appear in full HTML in the left hand panel.
- Improved quality thresholds on search results.
- Walking directions, biking directions and transit search.
- Search layers in local business searches. In a local business search, you now see all relevant results in the 3D view, 10 results in the search panel.
- Suggest in search. As you type a search query, search suggestions appear in a drop-down menu.
- Loading search results with one click, not two.
* Improved imagery rendering, including:
- Google Earth imagery is significantly more seamless, especially at higher altitudes
- Fade-in animation for imagery as it is fetched.
- Anisotropic filtering by default.
- Improved level of detail calculation for imagery tiles.
* Unified network stack. Google Earth now uses the same network stack for imagery, vector content, balloon content and embedded browser content. This will avoid situations where imagery loads but balloon content does not display under certain proxy settings.
* Ability to share screenshots with your Google+ circles from within the Google Earth client.
* Unified Google login mechanism in the client.
* Improved performance with 3D buildings.
# Issues fixed
* Google Earth Client
- Fixed an issue where ground overlays without the tag did not render rectangles using the fill color. KML ground overlays where images fail to load will now draw rectangles using a default or user-specified fill color.
- Added the ability to create balloon HTML for locally saved images using the “Add image” button.
- Fixed proxy accessibility issues for the Google Earth Plug-in and Client.
- Added the ability to update network links in parallel on synchronous updates.
* Google Earth Browser Plug-in and API
- Fixed an issue where the Google Earth Browser Plug-in generated an “ATL 10.0” error while running on Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9.
- Fixed an issue where Google Earth Browser Plug-in wouldn’t resize on Firefox version 4 and above on Mac.
- Fixed an issue where the “-” key was not working on Google Earth Plug-in on Mac.
- Fixed an issue where the AJAX loader returned false for isSupported() on 64-bit browsers that are not supported.
- Fixed the rendering order of imagery layers added through side databases.
- Fixed an issue where 3D buildings did not update with changes in view when terrain is not visible.

windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64

1. Run Application
2. Read "Installation instructions.txt"

Download here
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Update KAV and KIS Key 08 February 2012 in here :
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Update KAV and KIS Key 07 February 2012 in here :
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Update KAV and KIS Key 06 February 2012 in here :
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