Freespire Linux 2.0.8 i386 (1xCD) | 683 MB

Freespire 2.0 – second version of the non-commercial distribution, created by enthusiasts on the basis of Ubuntu (version 7.04). Freespire is aimed at novice users, and it’s obvious: for downloads and settings you do not throw in your command line to provide all graphic configurators.

Freespire CNR – handy tool to install software that allows you to quickly and easily find and install the required packages without worrying about dependencies. The distribution is included – Java, Flash, Adobe Acrobat, commercial drivers and codecs. Since Freespire is based on Ubuntu, and other available way to install software – through the usual apt-get.

Among other things, Freespire includes drivers for NVIDIA and ATi with hardware-accelerated, Real Player, Macromedia Flash Player, video codecs, as well as programs and LPhoto LSongs of Linspire. Freespire is a LiveCD with the possibility of installing a hard drive. This version also contains tools for software development. This version is 2.0.8, dated 30 November 2007, does not provide free support from Linspire.

Download : Part 1, Part 2

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