Description: Microsoft AutoRoute is the customisable travel planning software that helps you get accurate directions, easily explore new areas and find the services you want and need along the way. Plan your complete trip including multiple destinations, rest stops, scenic detours, fuel stops, and add your own notes. On or off-line, AutoRoute gives you detailed door to door directions and more than 5 million miles of navigable roads and motorways throughout Europe at your fingertips.


Experience an even more intuitive look and feel.
Updated maps for Eastern and Western Europe: 37 countries covered.
Easily delete or hide groups of pushpins.
Identify one-way streets at a glance.
Choose roads to use on your trip just by dragging and dropping the route.
Flexible trip planning options like custom start times, driving speeds and rest breaks.
Optimise your trip by calculating mileage, time, and expenses in advance.
Size: 1.87 GB

Download Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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