Assembly Programs for Navigation WINCE v.5.0 Explay PN-445 (2012) / 6.86 GB 

New build in 2012 for avtonavigatorov with the extreme version of the maps and software shells for them. The assembly was tested on Navigator Explay PN-445 with 64 MB of memory and WINCE 5.0 on board, screen resolution of 480x272!!
Work on WINCE 6.0 and other resolutions screens NOT GUARANTEED (if only dance with a tambourine, or look to my komenty prediduschih release - link below!). The menu itself is in the folder "Menu_new", for her and is registered in the launch config. If anyone want to run a program from the menus - rename it to the one you need and try to run (for example the folder "Mobilenavigator" and start with the file "mobilenavigator.exe"). Some of the additional programs from software can also be got by not WINCE 6.0, so that you do not need to be removed from the menu in the configuration files in the folder "Menu_new / ini /", files with the extension ini.

Installed navigation applets:
7 roads RC2 - the latest version of the actual map of Russia
Igo Amigo current map of Russia
Igo 8.3.4 latest maps of Russia
Igo Primo 9.2.0 TTS Rus current map of Russia
Autosputnik 5 current maps of Russia (recorded any numbers!)
CityGuideCE 5.0 current maps of Russia (registered using CityGuideCE_Key.exe in the folder with the program)
Igo Backer 50 current map of Russia
Navitel 5.0.4 latest maps of Russia
Progorod current map of Russia
Software and Games (see tab menus)

Program features: Software name and version: Build programs for navigation WINCE [v.5.0 (Explay PN-445) 2012] Operating system: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7

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