Disc Guide to GPS Navigation 2008 | 639 MB

Determining the precise location of an object has always been for a man of great importance. But until recently, this task required more effort, but the result is not always met expectations. Modern technology and the
use of global positioning systems to allow accurate satellite navigation, and at the same time publicly available: it is used travelers (tourists, hunters, fishermen), trucking companies to track vehicles during international flights, the banks to ensure the safety collector cars, the police Search for cars. And, of course, the navigation system is needed for those who spend long hours behind the wheel.

Disc Guide to GPS Navigation
On this disc is a selection of feature articles, including advice on selection and use of satellite navigation. With this CD you will also be able to learn the material, focusing on the transportation scheduling and monitoring (Fleet management).
List of articles:
Selection Criteria-car GPS-navigator
-Selection Criteria
GPS-navigator for adventure tourism
-How do I choose
-Car Satellite Navigation
-Navigational maps for GPS
-Overview of GPS-devices
-Uses for GPS
-Travel Notes, or as a week to learn how to properly ride to Moscow
It also presents more than 150 free programs for satellite navigation on platforms Windows, Linux, Symbian, Pocket PC and Palm
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