Interactive Physiology ( IP10 CD) | 575 MB

TheInteractive Physiology 10-System Suite (IP-10) significantly enrichesteaching and learning environments by providing an audio/ visualpresentation of complex topics. For use as both a teaching tool in theclassroom and a study tool for students, IP-10 features full-coloranimations and video, both with sound, that thoroughly demonstratedifficult physiology concepts, many of which occur at the cellular andmolecular level. Extensive interactive games and Gradable Quizzesreinforce the material.

Modules : 
*Muscular System
*Nervous SystemI
*Nervous System II
*Cardiovascular System
*Respiratory System
*Fluids & Electrolytes
*Endocrine System
*Digestive System
*NEW!Immune System

This is actually a mac file and can be a royal painin the ass for some people to extract and use. I have turned this into awindows .iso so you can easily burn this to a CDR and use it on anycomputer for school.

Download here

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